SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxus Ferienhäuser in Sylt (D) und Leogang (A)

Where the SalzWasserHerz beats – the location of your luxury holiday home on Sylt

In complete tranquillity... Surrounded by nature... The wind is favourable. For your Sylt holiday. Our SalzWasserHerz leads you into a cul-de-sac. Where peace and a thousand shades of green are all that surround you.  Amid fields and meadows this unique holiday home effortlessly combines two apparent contrasts: Glorious tranquillity. And a perfect location. For marching around in rubber. For setting yourself against the wind. For teeing off on a fabulous green. For close encounters with rabbits, deer and pheasants. Which are a common sight in this part of the island.

Rugged natural beauty. Morsum Cliff

Happiness in rubber boots… In an otherworldly landscape… From a different age… Wild and changeable… Morsum Cliff is so wonderfully weird. Between ocean and cliffs and with an abundance of fresh air you can walk here in a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes. It is here that the circle is closed for your Sylt holiday. Anyone who wants to can walk around. And constantly experience Morsum Cliff anew.

The Morsum Cliff Loop hiking trail is 15 minutes away.

Pearl of the North Sea. The Wadden Sea World Heritage site

Discover the wild side... Finally get your hands dirty again... Go on! Shoes off, socks too. And then: It’s full speed ahead, straight into the mudflat. Anyone who stays clean loses. The south coast of Sylt is part of the Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage Site and is one of the last, original wilderness areas in Europe. Have a fantastic time exploring this unique natural environment. Go on a mudflat worm hunt. But only until the tide comes in. So: It’s best to take part in a guided walk.

The Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage Site is 1 km away.

Fabulous green. Golfing on Sylt

Breathe in... Exhale... Tee off! The Brits, Axel Springer. They’ve all fallen for this little corner of the earth.  And now it’s your turn. Look your most formidable adversary in the eye on all 18 holes: The forces of nature. Play just like the ancient Scots. Over more than 500 years ago. On the dune. Against, with and in defiance of the wind. You’ll sail through this course. In the true sense of the word.

Morsum Golf Club is a 12-minute walk from the SalzWasserHerz.

Across the mudflats to the Gogärtchen

Wind... Wadden Sea water.... And at the end a delicious reward in the legendary Gogärtchen restaurant. From the hiking car park in Braderup the route takes you along the mudflat towards Kampen. Walking at a brisk pace you’ll reach the Gogärtchen in an hour, but it’s simply too lovely here. Perfect for ambling and taking it all in. After a delicious pizza, a hearty burger or an exquisite dessert, the way back takes us along the high trail across Braderup Heath back to the car park. This route is especially mystical in autumn and winter. Including moonrise and the sound of the Wadden Sea.

SENHOOG - Luxus Ferienhäuser in Sylt (D) und Leogang (A)
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