SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxus Ferienhäuser in Sylt (D) und Leogang (A)

Where the LeuchtTurmSeele resides – you’re spending your Sylt holiday here

A seductively whispering wind... Temptations on every corner... The air tastes of salt and smells of happiness. The SalzWasserHerz beats at a rate that suits you to perfection. Tranquil and yet with its finger on the pulse. Between beautifully tended gardens and naturally beneath reeds. Just a stone’s throw from Friedrichstraße. Centrally located on the island - at the heart of things and yet in a peaceful setting, just a few minutes from the West beach. A day by the sea. Hours of doing sweet nothing or full of joie de vivre. What would you like to experience today?

Sea foam kisses and sand castle dreams on the Sylt beach

The soul of the sea... Wild and free and wonderful... Is that a siren singing? Or is it just the wind? It sounds lovely anyway. And it feels lovely too. Salt water dust instead of mousse. Sand castles instead of castles in the air. Here on the beach on Sylt life is just as it should be: Authentic. Easy. Uncomplicated. Come rain or shine. Whether you’re all alone or with the whole gang. Little sister, pack your swimming costume!

The beach is 200 metres from your luxury holiday home on Sylt. 

Wonderful Westerland. Strolling and taking pleasure in a place of yearning.

Oh I have such yearning… I’m losing my mind… I want to go back to the North Sea… I want to go back to Westerland… You don’t need to be called Farin Urlaub, lead singer of the band Die Ärzte, to love your holiday here. And you don’t have to sing either. Enjoying yourself is quite enough. Effervescent champagnes that make the heart sing. Delicious seafood that only tastes so special here. Or throw yourself into the hurly-burly of Friedrichstraße and Strandstraße. Which are a magnet for thousands and provide an opportunity to gape, browse and shop. Your loved ones at home are sure to be delighted.

The town centre of Westerland is a 20-minute walk from your luxury holiday home on Sylt.

Fascination ocean. The ocean environment in Sylt

Shark! Where? Here in Sylt Aquarium. There are rays too. And starfish. And fish whose name no one knows. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about a sense of wonder. About being a child. About being a little awestruck by the mystery of the underwater environment. With all of its curious creatures. Seek and you shall find. Even Nemo and Dorie. They do here what they do best. Simply swim. Swiiiim. You already know.

Sylt Aquarium is 5 minutes from the LeuchtTurmSeele.

A beach walk to the Sansibar

Wind... weather... it doesn’t matter... the elements on Sylt are not to be defied. It’s easy to learn to love them. So, it’s off to the beach. Keep going southwards. The Sansibar restaurant is reached after around 10 kilometres. One thing that simply has to be sampled: the fondue. And before the evening crowds show up, you’re already on your way back. Relaxing on the bus.

SENHOOG - Luxus Ferienhäuser in Sylt (D) und Leogang (A)
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