SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxury Holiday Homes - Sylt
SENHOOG - Luxus Ferienhäuser in Sylt (D) und Leogang (A)

Activities and excursion ideas

Come rain or shine... Whether you want to burn off energy or chill out... Be all alone or with the whole gang... On Sylt you are wonderfully spoilt for choice. And every day offers the opportunity to experience something new. The LeuchtTurmSeele is ideal for your family holiday on Sylt. But also for romantic days for two. A break with good friends. What are you waiting for? Your island adventure calls!

Water on! Swimming and water sports

On the North Sea coast... on the Low German beach - it’s not just the fish that are seldom on land. Water rats and bathing belles are in their element on Westerland beach. And what’s more, it's right on the doorstep. Just a five-minute walk away. So why not nip down to the beach early in the morning in your dressing gown and leap head-first into the invigorating surf? No sign of the sun today? Then why not snuggle down in a cosy wicker beach chair? Or head for the Sylter Welle leisure pool and sauna landscape. Here you can swim in genuine North Sea water. Which, of course, is lovely and warm. You’ll have loads of fun kite- and windsurfing and sailing and fishing. Or you can have a game of football or volleyball on sand.

On shanks’s pony. Walking and hiking

Tie those laces a little tighter... Take a deep breath... And off we go! The saltwater air doesn’t just do wonders for city lungs, it also invigorates all the senses and drives you on. To go for early-morning barefoot runs on the deserted beach of Westerland. To jog through the Südwäldchen forest. To set off on discovery hikes to historic barrows or on the Whalewatch Trail. To do endless walks where you’re free to simply wander without a destination.

By bike around the island. Cycling on Sylt

From north to south… once straight across… with or without electronic assistance... However and wherever you prefer to pedal, you can have the time of your life on more than 200 kilometres of cycle trails. And discover the island’s loveliest spots while you’re at it. With nary a car in sight. Can we arrange a bike rental for you? It’ll be our pleasure! From the classic Sylt cycle to fully electric bikes, we’ve got every base covered.

Happiness on the green. Fun on sand. Golf and tennis.

Golf… Just as it was intended… Against the wind… On the coast… The Marine Golf Club in Tinnum is just around the corner. Links golf is played here. Which is to say the game as it was originally played by the Scots who invented the sport. Your opponents? The wind and its caprices. And you’ll tee off in conditions every bit as lovely in the island’s other three golf clubs. Do you prefer orange to green? Then grab your racket and pay a visit to Westerland tennis club. What can you expect there? 10 outdoor courts, 3 indoor courts and a German Tennis Federation trainer.

Flora and fauna. Natural experiences

It's lovely to be nearby... but to be right at the heart of things is much lovelier... In the North Sea natural paradise… Between heathland and the Wadden Sea experts from the Wadden Sea Conservation Station in Keitum will accompany you on exciting excursions. In the tracks of the small five. In the rhythm of the tides. The Naturgewalten Sylt experience centre enables you to experience natural and weather phenomena at close quarters. And you can see creatures great and small in Tinnum Zoo and Sylt Aquarium.

Ohmmmm! Relaxation and wellness

Beauty comes from within… But sometimes from outside too… One way or another: Sylt is a really great place to relax and recharge your batteries. You can really work up a sweat in the beach sauna. Or doing SUP yoga in the Sylter Welle aquatic centre. And anyone who prefers to salute the sun from a mat will find plenty of Ohmmm with us too. Keen on sea salt, thalasso and fango? Then a visit to the Syltness Center is highly recommended. Not exotic enough? That's no problem - because ayurveda, shiatsu, lomi lomi nui and other treatments are offered here too. Don’t want to leave your holiday home on Sylt? Well you don’t have to. Our hosts are more than happy to bring the best wellness and beauty experts to you at home too.

Children, children! Family holiday on Sylt

Ahoy, little pirates... Hello, you little mermaids... We’re off on an adventure, you explorers... Boredom? There’s not time for that on a family holiday on Sylt. Because little whirlwinds want to have a whale of a time on holiday, the island has come up with a few ideas. In the colourful Villa Kunterbunt playground, for example, where the clue is in the name. With a pirate play area, Viking meeting place and parent-free zone. Little ones are also well catered for in the Inselcircus circus playground. Because hand on heart. Adults don’t always have to be around everywhere, do they? Older kids can romp in the Sylt4Fun indoor activity centre. Here they can enjoy bouldering, trampolining, air hockey and other activities.

Other great experiences include a trip with the Adler-Schiffe ferry company to the seal banks or a pirate trip including catching sea creatures with the Gret Palugga.

Snow flurries and hyggly experiences Winter enchantment on Sylt.

Pure peace and a touch of hygge. Winter enchantment on Sylt. Anyone can do Sylt in summertime... But Sylt in winter is for those in the know... For aficionados... For anyone who likes the special things in life. And likes things to be hyggly. From December to the start of January Sylt’s winter market is a captivating destination. Wrapped up warm and fortified with glühwein and punch, it’s time for a winter mudflat tour. Until Father Frost is officially driven out on 21 February. With torches and kale at the traditional “biikebrennen” bonfire celebration. In fact: We find that from November to March is the ideal time for a restorative holiday as a couple or a break with really good friends on Sylt. You can look forward to deserted beaches. Fierce autumn storms. Foaming breakers. Cosy hours by a crackling open fire. With a fine wine from our trusty wine cabinet.

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